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  • Conflict Stress Factors

  • Relationship Stress

  • Age Stress Factors

  • Neuro-Emotional

  • Depression & Anxiety

Body Parts

  • Organs

  • Genes/Chromosomes

  • Brain

  • Eyes & Ears

  • Sinus & Throat

Body Systems

  • Respiratory

  • Nerves

  • Endocrine/Hormones

  • Muscles

  • Lymphatic


  • Vitamins/Minerals

  • Amino Acids

  • Allergies

  • Digestion


  • Chakra Reading

  • Aura Reading

  • Iridology

  • Dimensional Activation

  • Past Life Portal


  • Spinal

  • Dermatomes

  • Bones

  • Dental

Subtle Energies

  • Acupuncture/Meridians

  • Homeopathics

  • Flower Essences

  • Gemstone Frequencies


  • Organs

  • Heavy Metals/Pesticides

  • Toxins

  • Chemotherapy/Radiation

Quantum Biofeedback for Pets

Quantum Biofeedback in an amazing way to get insight into your pets stress factors as well as their emotional state. Utilizing a pet pad that uses galvanic skin response, just as the harnesses used for people, your pet can comfortably sit while receiving the initial assessment and during the biofeedback session. If your pet is in a cage we can easily place it underneath it or use the metaspace technique for their session which is just as effective. Animals are very receptive to electrical frequencies and you and your pets will benefit from knowing what stresses they may be experincing to bring them into a state of balance. The ideal pets who can use biofeedback are dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, horses, fish and farm animals.

Disclaimer: Quantum Biofeedback does not diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure any disease. Clients are advised that they should consult their own medical practitioners and medical professionals for the diagnosis, care, treatment or cure of any health concerns.

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