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How It Works

Traditional, mainstream medicine is based on Bio-CHEMISTRY.

It views the body from an invasive point of view (surgery, blood tests, pharmaceuticals) that balance the body’s CHEMISTRY.


Quantum Biofeedback is based on Bio-PHYSICS.

Bio-PHYSICS views the body from a non-invasive point of view. Biofeedback, a form of Bio-Physics, is an accepted science that enables us to correct blockages, chronic conditions, and bring the body into its own NATURAL balance and state of health, without the use of chemicals or surgery.

Physics is the science of matter and energy and this includes light, sound and electricity. Quantum Biofeedback utilizes principles of quantum physics to establish a connection with your energy field, opening communications between the body and mind. Stresses are detected and harmonizing programs are initiated to give information to your body. The biofeedback program utilizes subtle, vibrational frequencies on an electrical level in the form of sine waves. These sine waves carry information that reduce stress by retraining the body with healthy wavelengths.


Biofeedback Measurements are carried through by a harness system, which allows for a low-current electrical connection between the client and computer. The harness utilizes galvanic skin response to communicate between your body and the software with relaxation programs.  This biofeedback process is passive, allowing the client to relax, while the harmonic frequencies assist the body’s self-corrective, natural mechanisms, by encouraging homeostasis and relaxation.


Quantum biofeedback works through the quantum field even at great distances when a physical session with the 5 point harness is not an option.

  • Quantum biofeedback works in accordance with the laws of Quantum Physics. Because of this It can work in distance mode, known as Metaspace to connect with a client anywhere in the world.

  • The distance factor works similar to a wireless cell phone call.

  • First, the Resonant Frequency Pattern of the client is established through mathematical algorithms (like a cell phone number) from entering the client’s name, birth date and birthplace into the software.

  • Second, the frequencies are sent and bounced off the field (also called the unified field or quantum field (like a cell phone call is bounced off a satellite). The field is all pervasive throughout the universe and it can transmit information.

  • Third, like a cell phone call it travels in real time and the frequencies reach the client immediately.

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