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Rates &  Packages

Death Doula Services


In Home Visit- $50/ per hour (2 hour minimum)

In Home Visit Full Day- $500


Ceremonial Death Rites- $300

Pet Ceremonies- $100


Home Funeral Guide- $1111

This package includes all education and information to prepare a beautiful home funeral. I will complete the necessary paperwork, help facilitate and organize details such as sourcing a coffin or urn, providing resources for green burials, shrouds, flower arrangements, music, and candles. I will help to create a decorative altar with special items and photos of your choice, as well as those gathered from family & friends. I will be there to support the grief process of the bereaved and attend to them as needed for spiritual and emotional support. 


Ceremonial Death Rites- This ceremony will be tailored to you or your beloved individually, according to their personal beliefs and spiritual practices. It may be done with or without family present, before the home funeral, memorial, cremation, and prior to embalming.


End of Life Planning- $4,000 (save $300 by choosing this option.)

This package includes facilitating all end of life planning, preparing documents such as an advanced directive, ethical will, scribing your legacy (your life story transcribed from your own words), writing a obituary and or eulogy, arranging for hospice, supporting caretakers to take breaks for self care, scheduling family and friends to create loving connections and experiences during this time of transition. It is my intention to be your companion and share in activities that fulfill your soul. I also act as an advocate for your needs and will be communicating with your family regarding details so that they may follow through with decsisions that are aligned with your truth. 

In Home Visits-

The end of life planning package includes 10 in home visits within Mendocino County. Any trips more than 20 miles will be charged an additional daily travel fee according to distance. 


Due to our current global situation, you may not want people coming in and out of your home. In this case, I can facilitate remote sessions through Zoom or Google Meet instead.


Quantum Biofeedback-

Includes 2 sessions, please see menu above for details about how beneficial quantum biofeedback can be to support end of life care. 

*Please Note: All in home visits are done between the hours of 8am - 10pm.

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