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Josselyn  Maquette 

 Death  Doula  &  Quantum  Biofeedback Practitioner  


I was drawn to this work after a traumatic event happened in my life. My home and previous business, Afterlife Cosmetic Adornments, were burned down in the California wildfires of 2017. It was during this period of soul searching that I reassesed what would fulfill my Spirit as a career path. I had represented and manufactured a product passionately for 8 years and was ready to offer a service that would make an impact on the lives and well being of people in our community. I have always had an intuitive connection to the Spirit world, which led me to Egypt in 2009, where I lived for 5 months. I was immersed in an ancient world that felt all so familiar. I studied everything I could about the Magick of this land. I discovered that it seeded many of the first sciences, technologies, medicines, healing modalities and spiritual traditions, such as the myrophorres, who worked with plant medicines in the form of essential oils. I found that the rites of passage for the death process were not only prolific, but absolutely necessary in

making a connection with the physical body. By harnessing a gateway for the soul to enter the Afterlife, the myrophorres, who's role was to essentially midwife death, protected and guided the Spirit's journey.


I believe that there is a significant part of our connection to death that is not accepted. Due to our culture making it taboo to talk about or process before our time, even when we can't anticipate it or if we know it's coming. My intention is to transform the old paradigm of beliefs around death. I encourage my clients to explore all facets of their fears with the emotional and spiritual support of a companion. We will define the ways in which they want to celebrate themselves, as well as contribute to crafting an experience of how they will be honored and remembered in the process of becoming our ancestors. I help write my client's stories, so that 7 generations into the future, their families will know who they were and feel connected to their lineage.

The very fact that we bury our bones deep within the earth, cast the ashes of them into the sea, or release them into the sky, is evidence that we all desire to have the last remaining pieces of our body in this life held sacred and once again reunited with our primal Source, in nature. It doesn't matter your religious or spiritual beliefs, we are all born on this land and return to it at death. Although we may leave this world at different times, and believe we go different places or nowhere at all, it is my intention to make the people I assist at the end of life remember that they are safe to make this journey.

It was from this desire to fill a gap where I saw there was a lack of support during this transition, that I was called to do this work. In the spring of 2019, I completed the International Death Doula training on Maui, Hawaii. In the fall, I attended a 6 week Hospice training and started volunteering and vigiling for Heartland Hospice's patients. In 2020, I became a certified Death Doula through Doorway Into the Light.


The cycles of our humanity are inevitable. No matter where we live, what we eat, what language we speak, the songs that we sing, there is one thing unites us. We are all born, and we all die. The more prepared we can be, the more support and the less fear we will experience when it is our time to pass on. 


Death doula services  are available for people who want to transition consciously into the end of life process. I help create ways of honoring their memory by scribing their stories, inspiring content for memorial services, and educating them how to prepare for a home funeral. I offer ceremonial practices and death rites that assist the Soul's journey with the least amount of resistance and stress as possible. I also facilitate support to families whose loved ones are going through the transition of becoming an ancestor.

Another practice I was called to offer is Quantum Biofeedback. I was first introduced this technology 12 years ago and was certified as a practitioner in 2018. The electrical system of the body can harmonize our frequency to stay in a state of health. Disturbances due to unhealthy thoughts, emotions, beliefs and the environment can affect the body long before physical symptoms are present. This is why I love this technology and decided to pair it with my work as a death doula. It is an optimal way to relieve stress and identify potential susceptibility to many imbalances before they even show up. Using Quantum Biofeedback, I offer 90 and 120 minute stress relief sessions. It is my intention to create the opportunity for you my client, your children, and even your pets, to tap into the subtle energies, emotions and health choices that contribute to your families stress. By sending you harmonizing frequencies, I utilize Quantum Biofeedback to promote the balance of your overall well being within your mind, body and Spirit. 

Josselyn Maquette is a member of the following organizations: 


National End-of-Life Doula Alliance

National Home Funeral Alliance

Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death


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