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What is a Death Doula?

Death Doulas are non-medical professionals who provide holistic support through the end of life process. We often but not always work alongside hospice, to support your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Think of us as your companion, someone to advocate for you and facilitate end of life planning as well as sharing pertinent resources with you and your family. 


Accepting death can be a fearful experience that confronts our mortality, questions our beliefs, and is fueled by raw emotion, stress and overwhelming decisions. It can also be a time of deep healing, forgiveness, and shared moments with your beloveds that will enrich your end of life journey. 

Death Doula Services are available for people transitioning into the end of their life, those who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses, and provides support in sudden death circumstances. 


My services also support your family and friends through their grief process, infant deaths, miscarriages, as well your pets end of life transition. Please see my list of services in the menu above and contact me to schedule a free consultation. 

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